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What I Eat in a Day (-2 LBS Each Week)

My Weight Loss Journey

I began my journey April of this year. Some weeks I would exercise and diet rigorously, others not. My routine has not been consistent, but nonetheless, I have shed around 21 pounds (as of September 1). Last month I managed to lose 7.8 pounds. The dieting method that deserves credit for my past and ongoing weight loss is the” calorie deficit diet

My Weight Loss Regimen

As I am not a gym buff, I do not find it necessary to consume many calories. I try not to surpass 1500 calories daily. Some days I will consume the entire 1500, while other days of the week I’ll consume 8 or 900. I have started going to the gym again this month, but I am not doing high intensity training, yet.

I am sharing photos of what I ate yesterday, Sept. 19, so you can see an example of my diet. I do not eat the same things every day, but I do make at least one meal in a large batch to last me a week. For the last 3 weeks, my large batch of choice has been posole.

The food below was an approximate 1,030-1,080 calories.

diet pic 1

Green smoothie made with spinach and pineapple (approx 170 cal)

diet pic 2

Seedless watermelon (approx 100 calories)

diet pic 3

Entire bag of beef jerky (240 calories)

diet pic 4

2 Chips Ahoy! packs (220 calories)

diet pic 5

Posole with chicken (approx 350 calories)

For anyone seeking a support group for weight loss, I encourage you to join the Weight Loss Motivation and Support Group on Facebook.

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We Need to Stop Taking Weight Loss Advice Online

Announce to a few people of your desire to lose weight, and you will find yourself bombarded with a myriad of tips and diets people swear by. I have found myself and others following these recommended diets without consulting with their trusted physician first. Here is why we need to stop accepting weight loss advice from people online and what to do instead.

Trusting the Internet Most

It’s understandable to trust the testimony from a person who has tried and succeeded at a particular weight loss regimen, but don’t forget the person might not account for other factors attributing to their weight loss. They probably also have different dietary necessities than yours.

A recent trend is women attributing their weight loss wholly on drinking apple cider vinegar. Actually, Apple cider vinegar is mostly beneficial only for diabetics. It’s almost as though the ones who consumed APV during their journey believe their healthy diets and exercises didn’t attribute to the majority of their fat/weight loss. Somehow, Apple cider vinegar has received all the hype and credit.

You Think Gluten-Free and Organic Are Best

I do not understand how the gluten-free food fad came to be, but you don’t need to eat gluten-free food! Visit a clinic to determine if you should avoid gluten, otherwise, you can save time not having to search for GF labels at the grocery store.

The organic food fad has been around for quite some time. Even I get sucked into it every now and again when I’m grocery shopping. Fruit and vegetables are super healthy, regardless of whether it has the white and green label stuck onto it. Go ahead and prefer your food to be free of pesticides and GMOs, but don’t be fooled into thinking organic foods will aid in your weight or fat loss while the nonorganic ones will not.

Trust only reputable sites such as medical associations and peer-reviewed journals, as well as the opinion of your doctor.

Share Your Journey With Your Doc

Before you begin any diet, your doctor should be the second person, after you, to be aware of your intentions. Have bloodwork and a physical performed.

I understand doctors can be rude or humiliate us because of our size. Trust me, I’ve had more than one doctor look at my body with disgust. Select a GP or specialist. Speak to any doctor or medical professional about your intent to lose weight, and express the anxiety of being judged by them. A great doctor will appreciate the initiative you are taking and will want to be by your side during this testing time. Continue reading