OOTD Using Dressbarn Only (Plus Size)

I am very particular as to the kind of attire I wear. I like to dress conservatively to work or professional functions, and even in everyday life. My preference is contrary to what most women my age like. I never expose my arms–as it is an insecurity of mine and have a skin condition–but enjoy wearing skirts that expose my legs. My ankles can barely tolerate kitten heels and 2-inch wedges.

When it is time to go shopping, Dressbarn is at the top of the list for young professional women seeking a collection of attire which exuberates class and sophistication. The outfit shown in the pictures below was worn during a day out when I had to run a lot of errands. Some may think I overdressed, but dressing this way outside of the workplace shows your professionalism and class to the public. I used to wear jeans, camis, and hoodie wherever I went, but at the urging of my husband, who in turn purchased for me a lot of clothes, I knew this was the appropriate time I start dressing like the university-educated, professional woman I am.

Dressbarn OOTD

Outfit from Dressbarn (front) 

Dressbarn OOTD 4

Outfit from Dressbarn (back)

Dressbarn OOTD 3

Outfit from Dressbarn (side)

Dressbarn OOTD 2

Outfit from Dressbarn (side)

Dressbarn OOTD 5

Close-up of top

I couldn’t find the cardigan and top on Dressbarn’s website but managed to find the skirt and shoes. The cardigan is very airy and lightweight. The top is brand new and feels so soft. The pencil skirt is a bit worn because I wear it often but has a good weight to it and the pleats are flattering to larger figures. I purchased the shoes for my wedding in March and are so elegant and comfortable.

*This post was not at all sponsored nor did I receive any contact from Dressbarn reps. I just really love their store!


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Kimberly Price is a graduate of The University of Texas at San Antonio, where she studied communication, public relations, and business administration. Her specialties are campaigns and strategic communication. She enjoys discussing with others topics in career and current events, beauty, plus-size fashion, and lifestyle. 

She currently resides in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband, Anvesh.

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